AEM held a trio of statistics meetings last month in Curitiba, Brazil as part of its ongoing efforts to provide members with the tools and information they need to sharpen their skills and knowledge related to Latin America’s market intelligence and data gathering.

The Association hosted an Ag Latin America Statistics Program Subcommittee face-to-face meeting, an AEM symposium and a CE Latin America Statistics Task Force face-to-face meeting over the course of three days. Quorums were reached at both meetings, the groups were able to conduct productive discussions, approve important motions and confirm key decisions. In addition, the symposium provided highly regarded informational and educational content to key stakeholders in attendance.

“This was really the first true Latin America Statistics Conference,” said AEM Senior Director of Statistics and Market Information Mike Lietke. “Ultimately, it served to allow AEM to deliver on its continued mission of providing members with the most reliable, accurate and timely marketshare in the Latin American Region.”

Ag Latin America Statistics Program Subcommittee

The following priorities were covered at the Feb. 11 meeting in Curitiba, Brazil:

  • Approval of the start of a retails (state-level) tractor program for Brazil beginning in January of 2020, with back reporting monthly data back to January 2018. Companies not able to report in 2020 will be allowed to join in 2021 and back report data to January 2020.
  •  Launch of the the Sugar Cane Retail program for Brazil starting in January 2020, with no back reporting. 
  •  Discussion of a proposal to create a tractor shipment report for Brazil, with sizes broken out in existing ranges of HP. The purpose of this proposal is to allow sharing of industry totals for all products, at one level higher than participants report, in order to get more companies to join the program.
  •  Suspension of the launch of a retail reporting of 4WD tractors in Argentina, pending completion of an audit. The audit seeks to verify the presence of at least three member manufacturers with active models being reported for both shipments and retails.
  •  Approval of new proposal language changes to existing AEM – AFAT (The Association of Argentine Factories and Distributors of Tractors and other Agricultural, Road, Mining, Industrial and Motor Equipment) Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU), whereby all programs in Argentina are sourced first by AFAT, then presented to the AG LA SPSC for approval, with the assumption that all details have been discussed within each respective member company, to ensure alignment of Ag statistics programs in Argentina. 
  • Discussion of a proposal to change the industry data sizes which were in effect during 2015, 2016, and 2017 to match those which are in effect during and after 2018. 
  • Consolidation of selected industry output size classes to prevent any potential disclosure for products including 2WD tractors, self-propelled combines, balers, forage harvesters, cornheads, combine platforms-rigid type, combine platforms–flexible type, as well as flexible rotary cutters.

The next meeting of the Ag Latin America Statistics Program Subcommittee face-to-face meeting is set for Aug. 25, 2020 at the Deere office in Indaiatuba, Brazil.

AEM Statistics Symposium

In order to provide the Association’s members with value-added services, AEM held a symposium on Feb. 12 at Volvo Construction Equipment Brasil.

More than 25 representatives from AEM’s Ag Latin America Statistics Program Subcommittee and its CE Latin America Statistics Task Force attended the event.

Topics of note covered in the symposium were:

  •  Economic and infrastructure forecast
  •  Dealer development
  •  Robert’s Rules of Order

CE Latin America Statistics Task Force

The following priorities were covered at the Feb. 13 meeting in Curitiba, Brazil:

  • Discussion regarding improving data integrity by requiring program participants to review retail sales for each product and geography to ensure correct unit retail reported as compared to shipments units reported.
  • Discussion on several initiatives pending approval by the Intercontinental Statistics Committee (ISC)
  1. Release of new wheel loader classification for Latin America statistics programs
  2. Crawler tractor size class change
  3. Wheel loader proposal
  4. Rigid frame haulers size class change proposal
  5. New language changes to the Statistics Policy & Procedure Manual (P&P) applicable to the Latin American markets
  • Creation of an annual reporting survey for Latin America Construction Equipment Statistics, to be developed by a new Task Force whose members look to improve the quality of the data. 
  • Updates from other program participants toward readying to report retails for other market regions in Latin America.
  • Updates on AEM measures to ensure the prevention of any potential disclosure on any Latin America retail programs. Examples include the creation of a separate market for each individual chart in the Latin America region, and collapsing size classes immediately, keeping size classes commonality with worldwide statistics programs where possible.
  • Discussion regarding a proposal to gain a better understanding of total CE aggregates sales volume in the region and the creation of an incentive for new potential program participants to join the programs. 
  • Updates on new participants that will begin reporting data January 2020. They include Yanmar, Sany,  and Bobcat/Doosan.
  • The election of Lucas Sanches (Deere & Company) as new CE Latin America Statistics Task Force Chair for the 2020-2021 term.

The next meeting of the CE Latin America Statistics Task Force is scheduled for Aug. 27, 2020 at Deere and Company in Indaiatuba, Brazil.

For more information, contact AEM Senior Director of Statistics and Market Information Mike Lietke at

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