TiresAEM and Hargrove & Associates (HAI) are pleased to announce the completion of key upgrades to the online Tires Data Exchange.

Designed to improve navigation and ease of use, the upgrades are the first major updates made to the platform since it launched in 2013. In addition, AEM and HAI are excited to announce the addition of a new Material Handling Tire exchange to the website in the coming weeks.

“The Tires Data Exchange site continues to grow and mature into a high-value data resource for AEM members,” said Brian Seebacher, president and CEO/CTO of HAI, the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based data processing and business analytics company acquired by AEM at the end of 2017. “The work being done to encourage engagement and development have led to greater involvement beyond traditional core members of AEM statistics programs, and we look forward to further growth and success for the platform in the future.”

The recently completed upgrades to the website include:

  • A fully redesigned, responsive user interface
  • New, real-time status reports for data collection and publication
  • A new directory that shows who participates in what products, including their representative's name and contact information
  • Much improved data import and export tools
  • Interactive Microsoft Power BI data views

“The Tires Data Exchange site is one of the fastest-performing websites we've ever released, thanks to the latest in Microsoft .NET Core and Microsoft Azure cloud technologies,” explained Seebacher.

“It is both a demonstration of our current best work and an extensible platform that is ready to grow,” he added.

For more information, contact HAI's Brian Seebacher at

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