JTLMFor 29 years, members and staff from up to seven global construction equipment trade associations gathered in person to share information regarding standards and regulatory activities from their respective regions. These meetings have been hosted in North America, Asia and Europe on a rotating basis.

Attendees include: 

  • AEM representing North America
  • CCMA representing China
  • CECE representing Europe
  • CEMA representing Japan
  • CMEIG representing Australia
  • ICEMA representing India
  • KOCEMA representing the Republic of Korea

During these meetings, Association members and staff present standards and regulatory developments, either in process or complete, for their respective regions. Power points and verbal presentations are provided along with question and answer sessions. These meetings have proven to be excellent opportunities to share ideas and best practices to maintain market access throughout the world.

The opportunities to ask questions of the industry experts provides great value. One past attendee was quoted as saying “Where else can I go to have access to this many industry experts from around the world and have my questions answered?”

2020 marked the 30th-annual JTLM, hosted by AEM on March 15-17, immediately following CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the JTLM, and associated planned activities, were postponed. Participants continued to request the meeting be held and content be shared. After several re-schedules and delays, we transitioned into an all-virtual event. 

AEM is hosting this virtual event, including close to 50 presentations, on a specifically designed SharePoint site with accompanying question and answer capabilities for each presentation. This virtual event was originally scheduled from Sept. 1-30, however, we have since extended the event through Oct. 31, at which time the site will be locked. No further questions and answers will be accepted, however, the meeting content will continue to be available as have previous meeting presentations and minutes.

While members miss the verbal presentations and networking opportunities, having access to the current state of the ever-changing regional standards and regulatory landscape has proven to be an extremely valuable resource to maintain market access in regions where members may not have full visibility to the local requirements. Another member mentioned that the JTLM content is “-- one of the most valuable and often referenced set of meeting materials --” he can access.

For more information, or if you are interested in attending the next JTLM, which is scheduled to be held in Asia next year, please contact AEM’s Michael Pankonin at mpankonin@aem.org.

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