America's Conservation Ag MovementTrust In Food, a Farm Journal initiative, announced AEM has joined America’s Conservation Ag Movement.

In alignment with the 2021 Earth Day theme, Restore Our Earth,™ America’s Conservation Ag Movement brings farmers and the sustainability community together around the future of farming by bringing profitable, planet-friendly farming practices into the mainstream. The public-private partnership connects the dots, giving farmers a platform to share their journeys, meet other farmers on the same path and access the resources they need to undertake change. America's Conservation Ag Movement is organized by Trust In Food in partnership with the Farm Journal Foundation. Financial and technical support is provided by USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service and leading agribusinesses, food companies and nonprofit organizations.

“Every farmer is trying to do the right things, not just for the next season, but for the next generation,” said AEM Senior Vice President of Ag Services Curt Blades. “America’s Conservation Ag Movement understands and supports farmers in all segments of agriculture — row crops, specialty crops, livestock and dairy — that our member companies serve daily. We are proud to be a part of this program, s we all work to help farmers achieve a goal they have always had: provide good food, energy and fiber to the public around the world.”

Sustainability is a top priority for AEM. The association recently published an in-depth study on precision ag's role in environmental stewardship, and AEM is currently a member of the Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance.

“Machinery is among the most visible, beloved and necessary aspects of every farm operation,” said Amy Skoczlas Cole, executive vice president of Trust In Food. “That’s especially true for farms seeking to maintain and grow market access today and into the future. More efficient equipment reduces cost and emissions, precision technology applies nutrients and chemicals where they are needed and manure management technologies provide essential renewable resources. We are pleased to welcome AEM as the first machinery organization to join America’s Conservation Ag Movement.”

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