This Monday, AEM launched a new national campaign urging President Trump and members of Congress to prioritize rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure. The theme of the campaign is “Mission Not Accomplished” and the message is simple: The 1.3 million men and women of the equipment manufacturing industry are calling on President Trump and Congress to keep their promise and make investing in infrastructure a priority.

The cornerstone of the campaign is a new 30-second TV ad that features men and women of the equipment manufacturing industry making the case for infrastructure investment directly to President Trump and members of Congress. The spot is running on cable new shows the President and elected officials are known to watch, including Fox and Friends, The Sean Hannity Show, and Tucker Carlson Tonight. In addition, print, digital and social media ads will run in Washington, D.C. and select media markets serving constituents of House and Senate leadership and key committee chairs.

Bloomberg broke the news with an exclusive story about the campaign and the industry’s efforts to jumpstart the infrastructure debate in Washington and encourage President Trump and Congress to take action. POLITICO, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, and other media outlets have since covered the campaign.

The day of the launch, The Hill published an op-ed by AEM President Dennis Slater  making the case that infrastructure is neither a Republican nor a Democratic issue, and that voters expect the President and Congress to keep their promise. In the op-ed he writes:

“They told us that rebuilding our nation’s roads, bridges, railways, and other vital infrastructure would lead to more jobs, resilient communities, a stronger economy and a more competitive America. But since the election, not much has happened.”

Over the coming weeks, AEM will make the case to President Trump and members of Congress that rebuilding our infrastructure will not only create good-paying construction and manufacturing jobs, but will make U.S. companies more competitive globally and boost the U.S. economy.

AEM member companies and supporters of infrastructure investment are encouraged to share the TV ad and news about the campaign through their social media channels using the hashtag #MissionNotAccomplished.

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