4WD Farm TractorAEM's Statistics Department and Hargrove & Associates Inc. (HAI) are pleased to announce the launch of a new retail statistics program for 4WD farm tractors in Brazil.

The launch is part of the association’s Latin America Regional Ag Statistics Program's continuing efforts towards developing and implementing retails programs in the region. At least six new retail statistics programs have been launched in Argentina (3) and Brazil (3) since January 2019, which marked the beginning year of a rollout of an initial group of retail programs in Argentina and an expansion of additional retail programs in Brazil.

Participating companies in the new retail 4WD farm tractors for Brazil include AGCO, CNH Industrial and Deere & Company, who will receive their monthly market share information based on their monthly state-level retail data for Brazil.  

“AEM and HAI are pleased to be able to provide our members with reliable, timely and accurate information, as well giving them the best-available resources to determine their market penetration and business profitability,” said AEM Senior Director of Latin America Statistics Arnold Huerta.

The product definition for a 4WD tractor is as follows: “A large frame machine with equal size wheels with the capability to dual/triple all wheel; equal and consistent power to all wheels; full time power to all wheels; engages primarily in heavy draft and drawbar applications normally considered to be related to farming; all wheel steer; and articulated or rigid frame. Exceptions to this definition and included in the four-wheel drive farm tractor data are the Challenger models.”

The main objective of the AEM Statistics Department in Latin America is to develop, expand and implement statistics programs to help member companies determine market share.

“And it’s widely known that market share is one of the main determinants of business profitability,” noted Huerta.

Fourteen programs have been launched as part of AEM’s Latin America Regional Ag Statistics Program since December of 2016. It consists of four separate regional programs:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Other Latin America (OLA) countries

A total of 13 companies currently participate, including AGCO LAM, Agritech (Brazil), Agrale (Brazil), CLAAS Global, CNH Industrial, Deere & Company, Herder, Kubota, LS Tractor, Mahindra, PLA, Yanmar Solis, and Woods/Blount.

For more information on AEM’s Latin America Regional Ag Statistics Program or its Statistics Department, contact AEM’s Arnold Huerta at ahuerta@aem.org.

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