AEM Launches New Retail Programs in Brazil to Latin America Statistics Program



Stats InsertAs part of its ongoing efforts to provide AEM members with accurate, reliable and timely market share information in Latin America, the association’s Market Share Statistics Department is pleased to announce the launch of two new retail statistics programs for Pull Type Planters (FE15) and Self-Propelled Sprayers (FESP) in Brazil.

The launch marks the latest phase in expanded retail programs in Brazil, and participating companies include CNH Industrial, John Deere  and AGCO. All participating member companies will receive their respective monthly market share information based on their reported monthly state-level retails data for Brazil for these products, starting from January 2018.

“AEM is pleased to be able to provide our members with a growing number of statistics programs, as this relevant and detailed information allows for our members to accurately determine their market penetration and business profitability,” said AEM Senior Director of Latin America Statistics Arnold Huerta.

The product definition for a Pull-Type Planter (FE15) is as follows: “a serialized frame member that supports multiple row units and is towed via a pivoting connection at a draw bar.”

The product definition for a Self-Propelled Sprayer (FESP) is as follows: “A self-propelled machine used primarily in the application of post emergent pesticides and fertilizers on row or solid seed crops. The sprayer is designed with a minimum of 36-inch crop clearance to pass through crops without causing unacceptable damage. An on-board solution contained in one or more tanks is sprayed accurately on the crop by delivering a solution through a manifold to appropriately spaced nozzles. The nozzles are at a right-angle outward from both sides of the power sprayer, usually parallel to and a set distance from the ground.”

The main objective of the AEM Statistics Department in Latin America is to develop, expand and implement statistics programs to help member companies determine market share. Nineteen programs have been launched as part of AEM’s Latin America Regional Ag Statistics Program since December of 2016. It consists of four separate regional programs:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Other Latin America (OLA) countries

“It’s critically important to give our members access to these statistics- its widely known that market share is one of the main determinants of business profitability,” added Huerta.

A total of 11 companies currently participate in AEM’s statistics program, including AGCO LAM, Agritech (Brazil), Agrale (Brazil), CLAAS Global, CNH Industrial, Deere & Company, Herder, Kubota, LS Tractor, Mahindra, PLA, Yanmar Solis and Woods/Blount.

For more information on AEM’s Latin America Regional Ag Statistics Program or its Statistics Department, contact AEM’s Arnold Huerta at

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For more AEM news and updates, subscribe to the AEM Industry Advisor.

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