Safety StoreIn an effort to provide its members with comprehensive and up-to-date resources to help keep workers safe, improve overall productivity and positively impact their bottom line, AEM has revamped its online store of safety manuals and technical resources.

Available via the AEM website, the new store was launched earlier this month and offers a wealth of updated features and improved functionality.

“As part of AEM’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the success of its member companies by providing them with the tools and information they need to compete in the global marketplace, we felt the development of a new online store was necessary,” said AEM Safety Materials Manager Jaime Vos. “We’re excited to share the results of those efforts with our members, and we look forward to the new store being an easy and efficient means of accessing AEM safety materials, training resources, market data and much, much more.

In addition to a user-friendly design and clean look and feel, the AEM store is now responsive on a mobile device. It also offers new and improved search functionality based on user preferences, the ability to save products for future purchases, and a saved order history that allows for customers to quickly and easily re-order items.

Examples of resources available for purchase at the newly redesigned AEM store include safety manuals for aerial devices, agricultural tractors, asphalt pavers, compact excavators other ag and construction products. Also available are market data reports featuring information on ag tractor and combine retail statistics, North America construction equipment industry trends and more. In addition, a number of technical videos, brochures, decals and other related materials for purchase are just a click or two away.

To learn more, visit or contact AEM Safety Materials Manager Jaime Vos (, tel: 414-298-4135).