TariffsAs the trade war between the United States and China escalates, most recently with the Trump administration announcing an increase in tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods to 25 percent, AEM continues to lead the charge against tariffs.

AEM’s Kip Eideberg told Bloomberg News that increased tariffs “will drive up the cost of inputs, drive down exports, and suppress overall domestic job gains by as much as 400,000 over 10 years.”  

AEM’s Dennis Slater was on CNBC’s Closing Bell with a similar message – “Tariffs are a tax on the U.S. consumer, and they are a tax on the manufacturer.” Slater told Scott Wapner that as “equipment manufacturers look to build and sell new products worldwide, they are facing increased costs because of tariffs and huge pressure on their bottom line.”

Finally, Eideberg joined NPR’s All Things Considered to discuss how tariffs negatively impact global supply chains and create a long-lasting problem for equipment manufacturers.

As tariffs continue to negatively impact the equipment manufacturing industry and the U.S. economy, AEM will take every opportunity to remind Congress and the White House that #TariffsHurt and that they are paid by U.S. equipment manufacturers, farmers, businesses, and families across the country.

Join AEM in telling the White House to end tariffs now!

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