AEM, Member Leaders Establish FFA Fan Group to Support, Promote Ag



FFAThere’s no overstating AEM’s commitment to supporting farmers and agriculture equipment end users alike. That’s why the association is diligently working to champion the efforts of FFA as the organization continues to build upon its legacy of advancing a bright future for ag.

Led by AEM Senior Director of Workforce and Industry Initiatives Julie Davis and Agriculture Services Manager Austin Gellings, along with support Senior Vice President of Ag Services Curt Blades and Senior Director of Ag Services Anita Sennett, the association has established a FFA Fan Group comprised of AEM member company representatives to accomplish a variety of goals aligned with the association’s support of FFA.

“There are so many ways to give back to the ag industry, and it’s through our ongoing work as an FFA Fan Group that we’ll be able to find ways to help others connect with the organization in a meaningful way and – ultimately – make a considerable difference in supporting agriculture,” said Davis.

The group’s goals include:

  • Helping foster collaboration between FFA chapters and other ag organizations
  • Highlighting FFA alumni and showcasing how involvement in the organization helped advance their careers
  • Identifying and recruiting AEM members to engage with FFA
  • Building a network of individuals to represent FFA at events

Participating AEM member companies in AEM’s FFA Fan Group include CNH Industrial, ESG Global, John Deere and Kubota. Former FFA members are invited and encouraged to participate, as is anyone else looking to support ag and connect with a future workforce pipeline within or outside the industry.

“We’re thrilled to be able to work alongside our members to help develop ways to foster greater engagement with FFA and collaborate on strategies and tactics to support ag and promote it to the wider public,” said Gellings.

Want to learn more or find a way to get involved? Reach out to AEM’s Julie Davis at or Austin Gellings at

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For more AEM news and updates, subscribe to the AEM Industry Advisor.

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