World Manufacturer Code RegistrationAEM is proud to announce it is now the registration authority to administer the World Manufacturer Code (WMC) issuance.

The association applied to become registration authority earlier this year, and it was granted to AEM following a review and a vote by the ISO Technical Management Board.

The WMC is part of ISO 10261 Earth-moving machinery-Product identification numbering system, a non-road mobile equipment standard. Although this standard is overseen by ISO Technical Committee, ISO/TC 127 Earth-moving machinery, it encompasses a large variety of non-road equipment, ranging from construction to agricultural equipment.

The WMC is part of the Product Identification Number (PIN) outlined by ISO 10261 and it is composed of three alphanumeric characters selected by a requesting company. In order to ensure its selection is unique and not already in use, AEM encourages requesting companies to review the public record prior to submission.

Use of the PIN number on equipment helps manufacturers identify information relating specifically to a machine, as these numbers often include reference to the year the machine was manufactured or attributes of the machine. They should not be duplicated.

There are currently more than 1,000 registered WMCs being utilized by manufacturing companies globally.

Listing instructions for the World Manufacture Code registration process -- along with the request form and public record -- can be found at

For more information, contact AEM’s Valerie Lynch at

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