Retail Stats ReportsLooking for timely and accurate market intelligence information related to the ag equipment industry in Latin America?

AEM is pleased to offer annual subscriptions to ag tractor (2WD and 4WD), combine and sugar cane harvester retail statistics consolidated reports for Brazil and the rest of Latin America (excluding Latin Brazil and Argentina).

“Finding reliable and accurate information can be a daunting task in Latin America, as it’s simply not readily available,” said Arnold Huerta, AEM’s senior director of Latin American statistics. “AEM has successfully implemented data exchange statistics programs in the region to provide its members with the most accurate, reliable and timely industry data reports, and we hope they can benefit from gaining uniquely valuable insights related to the Latin American ag equipment industry.”

In subscribing, members will receive immediate email notifications when monthly ag tractor, combine and sugar cane harvester retail statistics reports are posted to

The data for these reports is published in a consolidated form and is broken down as follows per type of product:

  • Total retails for 2WD and 4WD farm tractors are reported in total and in three separate horsepower size ranges: 0 < 100; 100 < 180; 180 and Over.
  • Total retails are reported for combines are reported in two separate sizes: 0 < 231; 231 and Over.
  • Total retails are reported for sugar cane harvesters as “All Sizes.”

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The main objective of the AEM Statistics Department in Latin America is to develop, expand and implement statistics programs to help member companies determine market share and, as a result, positively impact their respective bottom lines.

Twenty-five programs have been launched as part of AEM’s Latin America Regional Ag Statistics Program since December of 2016. Of this total, at least 15 are state-level wholesale shipment programs and 9 are state-level retail shipment programs.  They consist of four separate regional programs:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Other Latin America (OLA) countries

A total of 13 companies currently participate, including AGCO LAM, Agritech (Brazil), Agrale (Argentina & Brazil), CLAAS Global, CNH Industrial, Deere & Company, Herder, Kubota, LS Tractor, Mahindra, PLA, Yanmar Solis and Woods/Blount.

For more information on AEM’s Latin America Regional Ag Statistics Program or its Statistics Department, contact AEM’s Arnold Huerta at

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