Americans in rural America, big cities and the suburbs agree: it’s time to increase investment in U.S. infrastructure.

A new poll commissioned by AEM found widespread support for investing in infrastructure, and an urban-rural consensus that those investments would improve the U.S. economy, create jobs and improve Americans’ quality of life.

Eighty-nine percent of Americans said that investments in infrastructure would strengthen the U.S. economy, including eighty-six (86) percent of urban and eighty-nine (89) percent of rural Americans. And more than 8-in-10 Americans in both urban and rural communities said that infrastructure investments would grow jobs in their community and improve their quality of life.

Respondents also said that they expect that infrastructure investment would benefit manufacturing industries. Thirty percent said that manufacturing would be a primary industry to benefit from infrastructure investments, along with other industries like construction and transportation.

“The findings underscore the fact that infrastructure connects rural and urban America – both literally and physically,” said AEM President Dennis Slater. “America’s infrastructure was once the envy of the world, but after years of underinvestment, our infrastructure and connectivity between rural and urban America have deteriorated considerably. This is one of the areas rural and urban Americans agree on today – that we must modernize and rebuild our infrastructure to reclaim the infrastructure advantage we once had.”

The poll also found that a third of Americans (33 percent) believe that investing in broadband and wireless connectivity would most likely benefit their ability to access educational and workforce training resources.

The findings come as Congress continues work to advance the $1 trillion infrastructure package pledged by President Donald Trump. Lawmakers are generating possible legislation to advance this goal.

AEM recently released a report called The U.S. Infrastructure Advantage™ to help guide legislators as they craft an infrastructure bill. The report emphasizes the importance of the United States reclaiming its infrastructure advantage in order to maintain its global economic dominance. The report also highlights several areas in which infrastructure, such as surface transportation and broadband, provide critical links between urban and rural communities and economies.