New Membership CategoriesOne of the objectives set forth in AEM’s Strategic Plan was to revisit its current membership classifications and look to encompass current membership and embrace new technologies that are entering our industries. AEM announced its intention to change its member classifications, effective Jan. 1, 2018.

Member companies currently categorized as either a full, mid-level or associate member can expect to be reclassified under one of the following four proposed membership designations: whole good member, portable member, component member or service member. In addition, all member companies – regardless of classification – will be entitled to one vote in all AEM general or special meetings, and representatives from those companies will be eligible to serve on the AEM Board of Directors. All member companies will have the ability to serve on AEM boards as put forth by the nominating committee.

“In establishing four new membership classifications and addressing voter eligibility, we're seeking to eliminate the hierarchy titles of the previous categories and replace them with new ones that best fit the characteristics of AEM member companies,” said AEM Membership Committee Chair and Kubota Tractor Corporation Sr. VP Sales, Marketing & Product Support Todd Stucke. “In addition, we feel these new classifications not only better encompass AEM's current membership, but also ensure the ability to categorize potential future members as our industry evolves.”

The new member categories were developed thanks to the ongoing efforts of AEM’s membership committee. The AEM Board recently approved the committee’s recommendations for the four new classifications, and they will be introduced and voted on by the entire AEM membership at the Annual Conference in November.

Proposed Membership Classifications

  • Whole Good Members – These are companies who manufacture complete or whole machines and equipment, technology and systems that operate and control machines, as well as towable equipment. Also included under this classification are providers of agriculture and construction site management systems.
  • Portable Members – These are companies who manufacture handheld equipment, attachments, towed equipment without self-power systems, welding and cutting machines, as well as walk-behind equipment. Not included under this classification are component manufacturers.
  • Component Members – These are companies who manufacture all major and minor components and parts used in member equipment and primary power sources. Not included are manufacturers of will-fit parts.
  • Service Members – These are companies who provide industry-related services to other businesses in the aforementioned three categories, including marketing, publications, finance, employment agencies, insurance and consulting services.

For more information, please contact Paul Flemming, AEM senior director of membership and engagement (, tel: 414-298-4150).