Safety and Product LeadershipAs 2022 gets underway, AEM’s Safety & Product Leadership Department has recently implemented staff changes and redistributed job responsibilities in order to provide enhanced support and value to the association’s members in 2022 and beyond.

The departmental changes also reflect AEM’s ongoing commitment to responding to and serving the equipment manufacturing industry’s safety, technical, regulatory, standards and sustainability assistance needs.

“I could not be more excited about the direction and renewed energy that this new structure will bring to AEM and our Safety & Product Leadership priorities and efforts,” said AEM Senior Vice President of Ag Services Curt Blades, who oversees the S&PL department and its activities.

Changes to the department are as follows:

  • Jeff Jurgens will continue in his role as Director of Product Stewardship, and he will take on the additional responsibility as the lead for many of the department technical and committee functions.
  • Jason Malcore will continue in his role as Director of Global Standards and Compliance, and he will take on the additional responsibility as the lead for the compliance and standards initiatives that are critical to the association's members.
  • Jaime Vos will continue in his role as Director of Safety Materials, leading a valuable program that provides tremendous value for the equipment manufacturing industry and the markets it serves.
  • Nick Tindall will continue in his role as Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs. This includes leading the recently launched AEM’s Regulatory Affairs Working Group that has proven effective in providing member direction for AEM regulatory priorities.
  • Valerie Lynch has assumed the role of Technical Manager, which will allow her to focus on the technical and standards work that is so important to AEM members.
  • Travis Webb has assumed the department responsibility for AEM’s Product Safety & Compliance and Liability Seminars along with his existing technical and standards work in his role as Technical Manager.
  • A focus on sustainability that includes collaboration with several other AEM service areas.

“With these changes now in place, association leadership will work in collaboration with department members and stakeholders to deliver quality expertise and support to both our members and the industry at-large,” said Blades.

AEM Safety & Product Leadership

AEM’s Safety & Product Leadership Department works to address ever-increasing global demands on equipment manufacturers to develop machines that are safe, productive and compliant. To learn more, visit

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