AEM, along with a group of nine organizations within the aerial industry, recently filed a petition with the Scaffold & Access Industry Association (SAIA), the secretariat for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A92 series of standards, calling for the publication of the standards on March 1, 2020.

Scheduled to go into effect in December of 2019, the ANSI A92 series of standards dictate updated guidelines for training and safety for aerial work platforms. However, four appeals were filed in 2019, leading to the postponement of the standards.

“The thrust of the petition is aimed at the ANSI procedures, primarily the appeals process and the timing allowed for it,” said AEM Director of Product Stewardship Jeff Jurgens.

Four appeals were submitted in the fall of 2019, which pushed the publication of the ANSI A92 series of standards from December to March. Two are still unresolved, and appeal hearings will commence if ongoing attempts to resolve the appeals are unsuccessful. According to Jurgens, if the hearing process moves forward, June 1 would likely be the earliest potential publication date for the standards.

“A new ballot at this time would restart the standard revision process,” said Jurgens. “Since stakeholders involved have been working on the ANSI A92 series of standards as far back as 2016, no one wants to see their hard work undone.”

The provisionally effective ballot, proposed by industry, would be a positive step in moving forward and allowing AEM members to refocus on serving their customers’ needs, he continued.

“Ultimately, the ANSI A92 series of standards is intended to benefit all parties involved, from manufacturers to end users, and ongoing delays are increasingly causing challenges,” Jurgens added.

The petition states:

“As leaders in the construction and access equipment industry, we must all continue to drive innovation and safety across our end markets.  Ongoing delays in the effective date of the ANSI A92.20, .22, and .24 standards are causing unnecessary disruption and confusion in the aerial industry in the United States and in the global markets that adhere to these standards, as well as concerns over the impact that such delays will have on the users of the products to which these standards apply.  Moreover, the appeals process used during standards promulgation, which lacks sensible procedures that allow for a finite timeline, has also contributed to the failure to formally issue the latest standards.  While we understand, and appreciate, the grounds for the appeals that are currently being considered by SAIA, the continued ambiguity around the updated standards and the timing of their issuance are negatively impacting the industry and must come to an end. 

Pursuant to Section 8.5 of ASC A92 -Aerial Platforms Committee Policies and Procedures for the Development of American National Standards, we hereby request that the ASC A92 Main Committee issue a letter ballot to make the above standards effective no later than March 1, 2020.  Further, in the event the March issuance date is not adhered to, pursuant to ANSI Essential Requirement Annex B: Procedures for the Development of a Provisional American National Standard (ANS) or a Provisional Amendment to an ANS, we hereby demand that you immediately proceed, under the authority of the above-cited requirement, to make the above standards provisionally effective as of March 1, 2020.  Finally, we demand that the SAIA and ANSI Board of Standards Review take immediate action to establish and implement new procedures going forward to better define the timing and implementation requirements for any new future standard and the resolution of any corresponding appeals.”

For more information on AEM’s position on the ANSI A92 series of standards, contact Director of Product Stewardship Jeff Jurgens at