Market Intelligence

AEM is pleased to announce new market intelligence offerings designed to help meet the ever-evolving needs of the association’s members.

The new products will provide members with timely and relevant industry updates, the ability to identify key drivers for niche markets, an option to forecast, as well as access to new interactive and easily accessible reports.

“AEM is committed to providing members with useful tools to make informed and actionable decisions through its statistical reports, macroeconomic data, and industry information,” said AEM Director of Market Intelligence Benjamin Duyck. “Based on member input, we’re excited to offer new products to help our member companies compete in the marketplace.”

  • AEM US Machinery Outlook (Ag/CE) – A pair of quarterly presentations developed through a partnership with Oxford Economics, a global leader in economic forecasting and quantitative analysis, the AEM U.S. Machinery Outlook serves as a valuable introduction to key drivers and events that impact those industries. 

    With each release, Oxford Economics will host a 30-minute conference call for AEM Members with one of their industry economists. This will present an opportunity for members to learn the narratives around the numbers and ask questions regarding any changes to the forecasts.

    The outlook includes:
    • Macro-economic drivers
    • U.S. and global industry forecasts
    • Market evolution
    • A snapshot of U.S. macroeconomic indicators
    • Webinar
    • Global events impacting the industry
  • AEM ITR Economic Insight – A quarterly macro-economic advisor developed through a partnership with economic research firm ITR, the Economic Insight will provide
    • Current event articles
    • U.S. market-specific updates
    • A U.S. state opportunity index
    • A snapshot of U.S. macroeconomic indicators
    • Answers to reader questions
    • A Federal Reserve overview

Additional MI products for members coming soon are:

  • Components Survey – AEM will be relaunching the components survey with a stronger focus on specific component segments. If you an looking to participate, please sign up here
  • Export/Import Reports – Updated versions of these reports are under development that allow members to select the specific HTS codes to be tracked. To access existing reports, please click here
  • AEM Leading Indicator Program – A new service being launched by AEM, the leading indicator program is aimed at identifying the leading indicators affecting a member company’s market performance. To participate in the beta-test, please click here
  • Forecasting Service – In partnership with ITR, this new AEM service helps members forecast their sales or revenues. For more information on the offering, please sign up here

Click here to participate or to receive more information.

Join New Product Development Taskforces

AEM has formed a pair of taskforces to help gather input on the development of new products. To join, please sign up here

For more information, contact AEM Director of Market Intelligence Benjamin Duyck at

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