The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) currently has proposed a rule to make a technical correction to the Clean Air Act, which previously prevented E15 gasoline sales in some states during the summer months. This limits the demand for corn, which limits the market for new agriculture equipment and the ability to create more jobs in our industry.

This is an important issue for equipment manufacturers – allowing year-round sales will put the ethanol industry on a path to an additional 1.3 billion gallons of demand within five years. That translates to more than 464 million bushels of corn demand.

As many in the industry know, keeping the U.S. agricultural economy strong helps keep the industry strong. For example, the graph below shows the link between farm income and tractor and combine sales.

And when rules like these are proposed, agencies typically undergo public comment periods, giving Americans the opportunity to voice their thoughts on the issue.

That’s why AEM is asking the industry to take action by visiting the national grassroots campaign I Make America’s website to urge the EPA to make the fix.

But hurry, the deadline to let the EPA know is April 29.

To take action, click here or visit

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