AEM continues to represent its members and the interests of the equipment manufacturing industry as they try to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and try to get back to work safely.

AEM President Dennis Slater appeared on ABC’s Nightline this week to discuss how manufacturers are dealing with the uncertainty they’re facing during these challenging times, how they need to plan for what’s next, and what the future holds for the industry and the markets it serves.

“I think what you’ll see is (manufacturers) will start to react to how can they make their worksites not only safer, but then maybe make their machines more efficient,” said Slater.

Watch the full clip.

Slater was featured in a recurring Nightline segment called “Bringing America Back,” which examines different occupations around the United States and highlights what’s being done to help them return to their jobs.

To learn more about AEM’s efforts to support the equipment manufacturing industry, visit the COVID-19 section on the AEM website. If you have questions or need to get a hold of AEM staff, please e-mail our Response Team at

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