Strategic PlanIn an effort to guide its long-term direction, continue the momentum of its current plan, and enhance support for both its members and the equipment industry as a whole, AEM has begun the process of developing its new Strategic Plan.

“AEM’s Strategic Plan will chart the course for the future of our association, its priorities and its activities,” said AEM Board Chair John Lagemann. “In developing and eventually implementing the plan, we can ensure AEM is successfully achieving its mission, effectively designating its resources and – most importantly – maximizing the value it provides members.”

Efforts began last fall when AEM engaged consultants at Tecker International to conduct extensive member research in an effort to gather input regarding key priorities and issues of importance. Results gathered were then shared with the AEM Board of Directors at its spring Board Meeting in March and informed their efforts in putting together a working draft strategic plan. With additional guidance from Tecker as well as the AEM officers, staff is now working to draft a final plan for review and approval at the August meeting of the AEM Board of Directors. The approved Strategic Plan will be presented at the AEM Annual Conference in November.

“The process of developing our new Strategic Plan is driven by needs and priorities of our members, guided by AEM leadership, and then ultimately implemented by staff,” said AEM President Dennis Slater. “Our current plan has served us well, setting an ambitious course for goals planning and initiatives over the past few years. However, we look forward to establishing a new plan that will allow us to maintain our relevance and value as an association in today’s ever-changing business environment.”

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