Initial reports have been sent to companies participating in the new Ag tire statistics program, the first to be made up entirely of AEM associate-level members.

The monthly reports will provide participating companies with their share of the market for selected metrics, by size class and geography. This monthly information is useful for tracking product movement, shifts in trends, forecasting, production, and planning.

The new program is also the first to rely entirely on an “electronic file” two-way data transfer by all program participants (no entry screens to enter data manually and no pre-formatted output reports).

The program has been in development for two years, or about 60 percent longer than average, due in part to the complexity of information being collected and how participants wanted to view the industry data.

Program participants will report:

  • Shipments of ag tires by product and structure (radial / bias) for the U.S. by state and for Canada as a whole
  • Rim diameters by units
  • Tread type by units
  • Load index by tire type
  • And more

Participants include:

  • Alliance Tires
  • Bridgestone / Firestone Ag
  • Michelin
  • Mitas Tires (new member)
  • Titan International
  • Trelleborg Wheel Systems

The initial reports sent to participants on July 7 consisted of the 2013 and 2014 monthly data. Monthly data for 2015 will now be processed, following a review and discussion by all participants.

For more information on participating in the new Ag tire statistics program, contact Rex Sprietsma (, tel: 414-298-4147).