AgrievolutionSeven global equipment manufacturers met at the FEDERUNACOMA in for a two-day slate of Agrievolution Alliance meetings focused on establishing parameters for the worldwide monthly reporting of ag precision farming products. 

The meetings were held in conjunction with an ongoing Agrievolution Digitalization Project, an initiative being undertaken by the alliance that calls for the development of a data exchange to identify, quantify and track precision ag technologies utilized in farm production processes.

“A digital exchange would provide Agrievolution Alliance member companies with a global overview of trending technologies leading to increasing levels of autonomous operation of Ag machines, while identifying market potential and adoption of advanced digital products by country,” said Rex Sprietsma, ASP Secretariat and director of statistics and market information at AEM, which acts as Secretariat for the Agrievolution Statistics Program.

“There is tremendous value in using the data for business strategy, and establishing a digital exchange of information that allows for transparency both across the value chain and as it relates to setting standards,” added Sprietsma.

During the meetings, which were held at FEDERUNACOMA’s offices in Bologna, Italy, work took place that included:

  • Defining displays, steering systems, receivers, and activation level, how they would be reported (i.e. capabilities, factory fitted vs. aftermarket, accuracy, signal source, etc.) that would be included in the initial launch of the data exchange.
  • Outlining additional digital products that could be added in the future, such as: cameras, ISOBUS auxiliary controls, telematics, measurement control, process optimization, and data/farm management.

“These recent face-to-face meetings with product specialists in digital agriculture follow a series of virtual bi-weekly meetings laying out the product priorities for a worldwide monthly reporting program of several key ag precision farming products,” said Sprietsma.

“FEDERUNACOMA is proud to host the Agrievolution Alliance ASP Digital Committee for these important meetings in preparation for launching these worldwide statistics programs, that member companies will be able to participate in and benefit from,” said Marco Pezzini, European Affairs Secretary at FEDERUNACOMA.

The Agrievolution Statistics Program (ASP) provides global product specific shipment data to the companies who report into the program, covering five products. Quarterly index data from the exchanges is available to all member companies of an Agrievolution Alliance member association. AEM is one of 13 associations from around the world that make up the Agrievolution Alliance, all of whom work to promote the benefits of mechanization in global sustainable agriculture.

About the Agrievolution Alliance

The Agrievolution Alliance is the global voice for agriculture equipment manufacturers. Made up of agriculture equipment manufacturing associations and organizations from around the world, its mission is to support our collective 6,000-plus agriculture equipment manufacturer members, working to promote the benefits of mechanization for global sustainable agriculture. Many of the associations within the Alliance run national statistics programs, and their member companies participate in the Agrievolution Statistics Program. For more information on the Agrievolution Digitalization Project and Agrievolution Statistics Program, contact AEM’s Rex Sprietsma at

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