Global market dataA group of ag equipment manufacturers who have exchanged global data for roughly 40 years recently voted in the Agrievolution Alliance as the program’s new Secretariat.

The program will now be called the Agrievolution Statistics Program, and AEM will act as Statistics Secretariat on behalf of the Alliance.

“The Agrievolution Alliance is pleased to add the Agrievolution Statistics Program to its current initiatives in order to better serve our collective member companies and the global industry as a whole,” said Anita Sennett, AEM director, agriculture product management and Agrievolution Alliance Secretariat.

The Agrievolution Statistics Program is open to all AEM and Alliance association member companies. It provides global, product-specific market data to the companies who report in to the program, enhancing the data by broadening its global coverage.

The program currently covers five products: tractors, combines, forage harvesters and two types of hay balers. The program may be expanded in the future to include additional product categories.

AEM and Alliance association member companies who are unable to participate in the program will benefit by having exclusive access to valuable trend line data from the program in the form of five-year indexes for each of the product categories.

Data in the Agrievolution Statistics Program will continue to be processed by current provider Systematics International, an independent data processing company based out of the United Kingdom.

Other Agrievolution Alliance initiatives include a biennial Summit, global market data reports based on data compiled from all Alliance countries, and advocating globally for the industry.

ANSEMAT, Spain Joins Alliance

The Agrievolution Alliance’s global representation and data value continues to strengthen with the addition of the National Association for Agricultural, Forestry and Landscaping Machinery (ANSEMAT), Spain.

ANSEMAT represents 63 agriculture equipment manufacturing companies in Spain and a total of 124 companies overall. The Alliance now includes 14 equipment organizations from key countries and world regions.

“We look forward to ANSEMAT’s participation in the Alliance as we continue to grow in scope and provide a valuable global voice on behalf of the industry,” Sennett said.

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