Five ways the best B2B websites generate more leads

Selling equipment used to be simple. You'd make a hundred calls, get 10 prospects on the phone, then schedule a meeting or two. Eventually you'd make a sale.

But today, by the time you have your prospect on the phone, they've already been to your website, looked around and decided whether or not they’re even interested in your company.

Did you ever wonder why your website isn't a more effective selling tool? Here are five reasons why the best B2B (business-to-business) websites generate more leads and convert them into sales. 

1. They're Easy to Find

First and foremost, customers need to be able to find your website online before they can visit it. For example, consider your visit to If you searched Google for “equipment manufacturing,” it’d be hard to miss. Because it's right on the top of the first page. Optimize your website so search engines can find it.

2. They Don't Have Technical Issues

A website with functional integrity shows up online without any error messages. Further, the navigation system works like it’s supposed to. And the good news is that modern websites are more technically advanced and affordable than ever before.

3. They Feel Right

Great web design should create an appropriate emotional response. Like hitting the right chords on a guitar, it should create just the right mood. While design shouldn’t be overlooked, it doesn’t need to be overdone either.

4. They're Easy to Use

In B2B, no one has the time or patience to navigate a confusing website. Nonetheless, it’s still a common problem. The best B2B websites gain an advantage by making it easy for visitors to reach their goals.

5. They Offer Engaging Content

When it comes right down to it, all visitors want is your content. In fact, the first four web marketing strategies I’ve described are just stepping stones. Besides your main pages, fresh blogs are important because it can take months or even years to convert a B2B lead into a sale. Of course, email is one of the easiest ways to do this. And that’s why the best B2B websites typically offer free content in exchange for an email address. 

Use Best Practices to Succeed Online

Ultimately, use of web marketing best practices generates more pre-qualified leads for greater ROI. So creating an effective website is one of the best investments you can make. And it only makes sense to use email to take all the effort out of follow-up.

In summary, for your website to succeed, it must be found by the right audience. It must function effectively and look good, too. But keep it simple. And don’t waste too much time on design when what visitors really want is great content.  

The best B2B websites generate more leads because a lot of good thinking was put into them. They’re an essential marketing tool for the today's equipment manufacturer.

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Founder & president of Trailblazer Writing, Derek Little provides content marketing services for manufacturing.