Trump signs executive order on 'Buy American'President Donald Trump has ordered federal government agencies to review “Buy America” provisions as part of their procurement decisions.

The order, which Trump signed during a visit to Wisconsin, requires agencies to review their procedures to identify loopholes in their process or how often they grant waivers for “Buy America” provisions. The order does not change any existing requirements for production or domestic content, but could spur more rigorous enforcement of existing laws. The agencies owe a report to the Secretary of Commerce later this year.

The report “will serve as a blueprint to further strengthen buy America provisions and guide possible legislative proposals,” a senior White House official said.

The Administration is concerned foreign governments may be using unfair trade practices at the expense of U.S. producers, especially in the procurement of steel in transportation projects. The executive order will require agency heads to sign off on future waivers prior to issuing any exemptions on procurement projects. 

The president at the same time signed an order reviewing the U.S. foreign worker program for high-skilled foreign workers.

The Administration’s goal with that order is to spur higher employment rates for Americans with similar skill sets, and determining whether fraud and abuse exist in the current guest worker program.

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