AEM recently participated an industry effort in Sacramento to defeat a Right to Repair bill under consideration in California.

During the Far West Equipment Dealers Association (FWEDA)’s “Dealer Day” event on April 4, AEM, along with representatives of its member companies and FWEDA members met with legislators to explain the recent industry commitment to make service information available by 2021, and how that commitment makes Right to Repair legislation unnecessary.

“AEM is excited to have the opportunity to partner with FWEDA on this important issue,” said AEM Director of State Government and Industry Relations Stephanie See. “The fact is that the commitment we are making is a commonsense solution that responds to the needs of our customers and end users, without government intervention.”

California is one of 19 states where “Right to Repair” legislation was introduced this legislative session.

“’Right to Repair’ proposals are not about empowering farmers and ranchers,” said See. “Our commitment strikes the right balance in the way ‘Right to Repair’ legislation would not.”

AEM and EDA recently announced the details of a Statement of Principles agreed to by AEM’s Ag Sector Board members. That document outlines the various diagnostic and service tools manufacturers will make available through their dealers, if they have not done so already.

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