AEM and its member companies recently weighed in on and provided industry recommendations on proposed regulatory changes to the updated Agricultural Implements Act.

A stakeholder consultation on agricultural implements regulations was held March 22 and hosted by the Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture, Honourable Lyle Stewart. AEM and several member companies -- including Deere and CNH -- attended and participated in the consultation.

The updated Agricultural Implements Act is expected to come into force by the end of May. 

Recommendations for changing the threshold for application of the regulations from $4,000 to $10,000 and allowing for electronic forms were considered. There was a consensus among participants that the regulations be outcome-based rather than prescriptive in nature, allowing more flexibility for companies to comply with the regulatory requirements.

AEM has also provided recommendations to the Province of Manitoba for changes to the Farm Machinery and Equipment Act. At this stage, the Manitoba Farm Industry Board is considering input from various stakeholders and is expected to provide recommendations to the Minister of Agriculture later this spring. AEM will continue advocating across Canada’s provinces for legislative and regulatory changes beneficial to the industry.

To learn more about AEM’s Canadian advocacy, please contact AEM’s Director of International and Regulatory Affairs Alex Russ (, tel: 202-898-9006).