Comparing the performance of one tractor to another requires globally consistent testing procedures. Test engineers from around the world will review those procedures when they meet this fall in North America.

AEM and the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory (NTTL) will host the 18th Biennial Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Test Engineer Conference on October 12-15.

This meeting, held every other year, provides an opportunity for tractor test engineers to:

  • Evaluate their testing processes
  • Determine best practices
  • Assure that all testing is consistent globally
  • Improve safety standards for agricultural tractors

Tractors are tested to the OECD tractor test codes, and in some cases, to the ISO test standards in the country of manufacture. Twenty-nine countries comply with the tractor test codes with active tractor test stations in approximately 25 of those countries. Reciprocity agreements require that when an OECD test report is officially approved, it must be accepted by all participating countries.

The following tests are routinely performed against OECD codes and ISO test standards:

  • Drawbar pull / efficiency
  • PTO HP / efficiency
  • ROPS test witnessing
  • 3-point hitch lifting
  • Sound levels

AEM Serves as Official U.S. Representative

The Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory is the officially designated OECD tractor testing station for the United States. AEM is the official U.S. representative to the OECD for the tractor test codes, as delegated by the U.S. Department of Commerce, and convenes a 15-member U.S. Coordinating Committee composed of tractor manufacturers, industry consultants, University of Nebraska staff including NTTL Board members, and a U.S. Department of Commerce representative.

Following is a summary of the conference activities:

October 12

  • Evening reception in Burr Ridge, Illinois

October 13

  • Tour the CNH Engineering Facility at Burr Ridge
  • Technical meetings
  • Travel to Waterloo, Iowa combined with harvest equipment demonstrations

October 14

  • Tour the John Deere Tractor and Engine Museum
  • Tour the Tractor Cabin Assembly Operation facilities
  • Technical meeting
  • Travel to Lincoln, Nebraska

October 15

  • Tour the NTTL facilities
  • Test demonstrations at NTTL
  • Technical meetings at NTTL
  • Conference ends

For further information, please contact Michael Pankonin, AEM senior director of technical & safety services (, tel: 414-298-4128).