ICUEE-Beacon TechThe breakthrough beacon technology AEM offered to all exhibitors at this year’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG & IFPE shows is also available at ICUEE 2017.

The cutting-edge eventBit trade show data is designed to help exhibitors gain valuable insights into leads and better qualify return on their investments in events. With the beacon technology, each attendee badge is equipped with a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) transmitter that sends signals to receivers strategically placed throughout the show venue.

“There is tremendous value in being able to collect real-time information about ICUEE show attendees,” said AEM Director of Exhibitor Engagement Services Mary Bukovic. “The eventBit technology surpasses anything exhibitors can get from an exchange of business cards, and it helps them get the most out of their time spent on the show floor.”

According to Bukovic, eventBit beacon technology provides exhibitors with significant and valuable data on scanned leads, and it allows for readers to be placed on specific equipment or featured areas at the venue.

“Investing in these hubs gives exhibitors insights on the scanned leads to see exactly how much time attendees are spending at each area, allowing for better and more focused lead qualifications,” said Bukovic.

Other benefits of eventBit beacon technology include:

  • The ability to aggregate aisle traffic and benchmark its conversion into booth traffic
  • Ease of use – the lead retrieval you already purchase is an eventBit reader
  • Low cost – electrical or internet are not required to power this technology in your booth

For more information on eventBit beacon technology, contact Michelle Willever at Experient (, tel: 888-266-6802).