Canada grants AEM request for extension of regulation deadlineThe Canadian government has granted an AEM request for a one-year extension to the effective date of a regulation requiring the testing of electromagnetic emissions coming from mobile equipment powered by batteries and engines.

Earlier versions of the regulation focused on spark ignition internal combustion engines. It was silent on diesel engines and, therefore, was not considered by the equipment industry as a regulation that impacted AEM members using diesel engines.

Designated ICES-002, Issue 6, the intent of the regulation is to assure, certify and label mobile equipment as not emitting signals that could cause radio frequency interference. Certification requires sophisticated tests conducted in an environment that is free of electromagnetic noise.

Issue 6 was released several years ago, but it was not well-recognized among AEM members that this would apply to their diesel-powered products. All previous Issues did not include diesel power in their scope. 

In late 2016, with the effective date only months away, many AEM members became aware that the scope of Issue 6, the newest revision, included diesel-powered equipment. AEM Tech and Safety worked with AEM’s Ottawa office to identify the challenges presented by Issue 6, review alternative proposals to keep markets open, and make the decision to request an extension of the effective date.   

"Many stakeholders joined forces with AEM requesting this extension," said Mike Pankonin, AEM senior director, technical & safety services. "We are pleased to say that the extension was granted and the date has been extended from January 1, 2017 to January 1, 2018 for equipment using diesel engines. This should provide adequate time for all affected AEM members to get their products tested."

The extension can be reviewed by clicking here.

For more information, please contact AEM's Mike Pankonin (, tel: 414-298-4128), or Howard Mains in AEM’s Ottawa office (