China RegulationThe Chinese government adopted a new, streamlined standards process that is aimed to make it easier for OEMs who manufacture in or sell into China to navigate regulations.

The People’s Congress approved a draft of revised Chinese Standardization Law that included new revised requirements on enterprise standards that will enact market-oriented reforms. The new, revised law – which took effect on Jan. 1, 2018 – does away with a complex system of overlapping national, regional and industrial standards. Instead, manufacturers must now comply only with mandatory national standards.

Enterprise standards are standards that a company or enterprise in China implements for its own use, mainly for organizing its manufacturing process.

Companies were required to develop their own enterprise standards if no existing national or industrial standards cover the product of the company under past regulations and these enterprise standards were required to be reported and archived by local government agencies; those enterprise standards are now optional, with a few key requirements.

Companies that do develop enterprise standards must publicize its number and title, as well as the functional parameters of that standard. Companies must also publicize the national, industry or regional standards they comply with.

Companies can publicize the standard by uploading a PDF of the whole text of its enterprise standard OR to input functional and performance parameters as required by the enterprise standard at the following Chinese-language portal:

Companies that don’t adequately publicize their compliance activities will face a deadline defined by related authority by which they must do so. Failure to comply with the deadline results in a violation that will be publicized on the national standards information platform.

The website of SAC (Standardization Administration of China),, provides comprehensive information on all national standards – both mandatory and voluntary – to search for information, and read the text of almost all mandatory national standards and many voluntary national standards.

For more information on China’s new enterprise standards rules, please contact AEM’s Amy Wang in the association’s Beijing office.