CombineCombine Platform – Rigid Frame is the thirteenth ag product to be published for Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and other Latin American countries as part of AEM’s Latin America Regional Statistics Program.

According to AEM Director of Latin America Statistics Arnold Huerta, the product definition being used for reporting purposes describes the product as a crop gathering unit for combines designed to collect and transfer crops into the threshing area while maintaining some fixed space between the bottom of the platform and the ground.

Participating member companies will receive their respective monthly market share information based on their reported monthly state-level wholesale data (for Argentina, Brazil and Mexico) and country-level wholesale data (for other Latin American countries) for this product from January 2015 through July 2017. Reporting classifications are determined by cutting width of crop area in feet.

Four companies are currently reporting: ACGO, CNH (Industrial Case and New Holland), CLAAS and John Deere.

For more information on the Latin America Regional Ag Statistics program, contact AEM’s Arnold Huerta (, tel: 414-298-4119) or Rex Sprietsma (, tel: 414-298-4147).