Non-member companies who do business in Latin America but not in North America will be allowed to participate in AEM’s new Latin America Regional Ag Statistics Program

At its November 17th meeting, the AG Sector Board approved a proposal to allow ag equipment manufacturers who only do business in Latin America to pay a non-member fee in order to take part in the program. The action was taken to increase market coverage and data value for all program participants.

The Latin America Regional Ag Statistics Program officially launched on November 10th with the publication of the first three products for the Brazil market.

In other actions, the AG Sector Board:

  • Agreed that protecting the Renewable Fuel Standard continues to be an industry priority and directed AEM staff to provide a recommendation on the best path forward prior to the group’s next meeting.
  • Created a Workforce Development Task Force to move forward with an initiative to inspire high school students to pursue careers in agriculture and ag equipment manufacturing (with a focus on technology).
  • Supported continued involvement in Commodity Classic and approved exploring opportunities with other agriculture events.

For more information on the activities of the AG Sector Board, contact Charlie O’Brien, AEM senior vice president (, tel: 414-298-4157).