AEM President Dennis Slater and Komatsu America CEO Rod Schrader both weighed in on the issue of tax reform as it relates to the manufacturing industry in published op-eds late last week.

Slater emphasized the need for legislators to fix what he describes as a “broken” tax code in a Dec. 8 piece for The Hill, and he said Congress’s effort to pass comprehensive tax reform is “an acid test of our elected leaders’ commitment to supporting U.S. manufacturers, and manufacturing jobs across the United States.”

Schrader, a member of the AEM Board of Directors, stated that the current tax code “is one of the most pressing challenges facing equipment manufacturers here in America” in a Dec. 8 article for Crain’s Chicago Business. He also noted that “delivering on tax reform would not only bring clarity to our industry's business situation, it would position manufacturers to grow and support more good-paying jobs in the future.”

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