By Nick Tindall, AEM Senior Director of Government Affairs

Every two years the American public is told that this is the most important election in a generation. So much so, in fact, it has become an eyeroll-worthy cliché.

However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

It’s true because every election is the most important to date, and it's true because every election is about the future. What’s more important than that?

Tomorrow, tens of millions of Americans will be heading to the polls to cast their vote for their vision of what that future should look like.

Elections have consequences, and tomorrow’s will be no different. Undoubtedly, the result will impact the business interests of AEM’s 1,000-plus member companies and the millions of Americans that they employ. This reality is why AEM has a political action committee (PAC), one whose sole purpose is to ensure our member companies’ interests are properly represented in Washington, D.C.

On Wednesday, AEMPAC will get to work laying the framework for our industry’s engagement strategy for the 116th Congress. The scope and depth of that plan, however, is entirely dependent on what you want it to be. 

Support from AEM member company employees like you are what determine the reach of your PAC, and the most important date in deciding its strength for the next Congress is fast approaching.

AEMPAC Gala and Auction

On Thursday, Nov. 29 AEMPAC is hosting its eighth gala and auction during the AEM Annual Conference. Attending the AEMPAC Gala is the easiest and most fun way to empower your PAC for the coming year’s policy debates. 

This year’s gala features a unique 12-piece experiential dinner, allowing for a collaborative dining experience. Don’t worry, we will not put you in the dark or in the sky, but we will let you and your dinner mates decide how to design your meal, see parts of your meal be prepared and provide ample time for networking. Stay longer and enjoy live music and dancing at the PAC after-party. This is not your typical wedding band. Based in Los Angeles, but fresh off a tour with top artists, Rhythm Rapture features both on and off-Broadway performers and will have you on your feet. Tickets are required, and include the AEMPAC after-party, an additional $75 value.

Get your Gala tickets now.

With your support, AEMPAC will be ready to "Invest together in better Government" in 2019!

For more information on AEMPAC and its Annual Conference gala and auction, contact AEM Senior Director of Government Affairs Nick Tindall (, tel: 202-898-9067). 

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