EUThe European Commission last week proposed an amendment to their Stage V Non-Road Mobile Machine (NRMM) In-Service Monitoring Requirements (EU) 2017/655.

The amendment, proposed on Nov. 9, adopts new monitoring requirements on engine manufacturers for certain engine categories installed in non-road equipment. 

The EU’s Stage V emissions regulation for NRMM’s required manufacturers to monitor the gaseous pollutant emissions of in-service engines operated during their normal duty cycles to determine the difference between the test cycle and the engine’s real-world performance. Following the initial publication of the rule, the EC only required in-service monitoring data for a limited number of engine sub-categories. The proposed amendment looks to cover all engine sub-categories not covered under the initial rule. 

The European Commission is seeking input on the proposal from industry and the general public with the comment period closing on Dec. 7. For more information, contact AEM Director of Global Standards and Compliance Jason Malcore at

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