AEM support levels the playing field for standards developmentBy Michael Pankonin, AEM Senior Director, Technical and Safety Services  

Standards development work can be time-consuming and costly for both the companies and the individuals involved. As a result, standards work tends to be driven by those entities with the greatest resources. They also receive the most benefit by being part of the process.

AEM helps to level the playing field though financial support for standards development organizations and participation at various levels on standards development committees.

AEM also provides opportunities for a wide range of members to access the industry experts who work on the standards, thereby communicating current thought and direction from within the standards development community. A large portion of most AEM Product Group and Technical Committee meetings includes sharing of information related to standards, regulations and industry best practices. 

Both the Ag and CE sectors have meetings that cover a broad range of topics and products in general meetings and then break into more product-specific groups for an opportunity to look in depth at the content that most specifically impact the committee and its products. 

While the CE groups are generally formed around products, the Ag groups commonly form around machine function. 

Examples include:

  • CE Product Group and related industry meetings (next held on May 16 in Schiller Park, Illinois)
  • CE Standards and Regulations Committee (CESRC), including:

> Environmental Reduction Equipment Council (EREC) - grinders, chippers, mulching machines
> Manufacturers of Rough Terrain Forklifts Council (MRTFC)
> Earth-moving and Mining Equipment Council (EMMEC) - excavators, crawler tractors, graders, etc.
> Underground Equipment Manufacturers Council (UEMC) - horizontal directional drills, trenching and trenchless machines
> Vacuum Excavation Equipment Committee (VEEC) - vacuum excavation and sewer cleaning equipment
> Underground Electronics (UEC)
> Attachment Manufacturers Council (AMC) & Compact Loader / Compact Excavator Councils (CLCE)

AEM also uses this opportunity to host a number of standards-related committee meetings including:

  • SAE MTC9 Vacuum / Sewer Equipment Committee
  • TC 110/SC 4 US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for Rough Terrain Forklifts
  • Industrial Truck Standards Development Foundation (ITSDF) - B56.6 Standards Committee for Rough Terrain Forklifts

The Ag Sector has similar meetings anchored by:

  • Ag Product Group and related industry meetings (next held March 23-24 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • Ag Product Safety & Compliance Council (APSCC) including:

> Liquid Application Equip Tech Group (LAETG)
> Crop Production Equipment Tech Council (CPETC)
> Tractor ROPS & Equip Stability Tech Committee (TRESTC)

There are many additional meetings, held at locations and venues most convenient for the committee members.  In total, AEM hosts over 35 Technical Committees to provide members with valuable content for their product development and regulatory compliance teams. 

Check the AEM website for more information and meeting schedules. Always remember, to get the most value, face-to-face participation is encouraged.

Your AEM membership benefits both the industry as well as individual members. When your company is active in AEM, you are supporting these efforts.

For more information or for help identifying Technical Committees that are most valuable to you, please contact me at