New thought leadership initiative to help members prep for Industry 4.0.New technologies and industry innovations are rapidly impacting the equipment manufacturing industry, bringing to life new trends in manufacturing technologies oftentimes referred to as Industry 4.0.

To keep AEM members informed about potential technology trends that could disrupt their business models and their industries, AEM will launch its new Thought Leadership initiative, “Thinking Forward,” at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 in Las Vegas.

During the show, AEM will conduct live interviews with technology experts and thought leaders in its booth every hour on the hour. Members can look forward to having access to these interviews as podcasts throughout the year.

“AEM is setting out to bring awareness to the next major upheaval in the manufacturing sector as it relates to agricultural and construction equipment,” said Nicole Hallada, AEM vice president, marketing and communications. 

Hallada said that although the concept of Industry 4.0 is far-reaching, the targeted thought leadership initiative will focus on educating members about four disruptors/trends identified by AEM’s Futures Council. The trends selected as having the greatest near-term potential to impact off-highway equipment manufacturers and/or AEM members include:

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Power of analytics / data
  • Full-farm networking / smart site management
  • Workforce development best practices

Hallada said the Thinking Forward initiative will take to the road in 2017 through presentations on these topics at regional membership events and come to life in other ways such as:

  • AEM Annual Conference and other Association events/seminars
  • Blog content  from experts both inside and outside of the industry
  • Proprietary research providing industry data on these topics

“We’re excited to be charting a new course on behalf of our members to help them prepare for and manage the uncertainty that new technologies can have on our industry. We’re committed to articulating an industry vision for our members through education, research and dialogue to help them best navigate the changes ahead,” Hallada said.

Thought Leadership is one of AEM’s 2017 goals, which are based on the five Key Result Areas (KRAs) of the new Strategic Plan. The new Strategic Plan was developed by the AEM Strategic Task Force and approved by the AEM Board of Directors.