Business InnovationsFrom remote operations to robotics and specialized materials, space technology has influenced the evolution of advanced manufacturing. Innovative technologies and practices learned from the space program are affecting many areas of production, manufacturing and new material creation and testing. These technologies can reduce manufacturing production cycles, solve maintenance issues and increase supply chain efficiency.

SpaceCom brings together space and advanced manufacturing executives to tackle common problems and define workable solutions for mutual gain. Manufacturers looking to apply innovation to increase operational efficiencies learn what can be gained by testing and creating new materials in low gravity, as well as pushing the limits of high-strength to low-weight material ratios. Opportunities will be identified in the Advanced Manufacturing Workshop and the Space Manufacturing session. At the same time, attendees can take advantage of collaboration opportunities for new products and applications with the maritime, energy, agribusiness and medical sectors.

The National Laboratory, aboard the International Space Station (ISS), is a testing ground for processes and materials that are directly affected by zero gravity and harsh environments that cannot be found on Earth. Find out how you can get aboard the space station to advance your business — it may be easier than you think.

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