Comer IndustriesIn an effort to highlight longtime AEM member companies and shed light on their involvement in Association activities and priorities, AEM has launched a member profile article series. The profiles showcase AEM member efforts to build momentum for the equipment manufacturing industry and build, market and service the most productive machinery in the world.

For more than a century, AEM has provided a manufacturer forum for industry-wide action that transcends individual member company size, product line or individual business concerns. Companies participating in AEM work together for the betterment of the industry and public needs, at the state, national, provincial and international levels.

The inaugural installment of AEM's member profile series features Comer Industries, a components member based in Charlotte, North Carolina. AEM recently spoke with Comer Industries President Arlin Perry, who also serves as his organization’s official company representative (OCR) with the Association:

AEM: How long has your company been a member of AEM?

Perry: Comer Industries has been a member for 25 years. 

AEM: What AEM programs and services does Comer Industries utilize to ensure it gets the most out of its involvement in AEM? 

Perry: Comer Industries is pleased to attend the AEM Annual Conference, as well as the Gala dinner that’s put on each year. The company strongly believes in the political action work being conducted by the Association. When AEM looks out for the interest of the industry, we’re happy to support those efforts. The AEM Annual Conference is a truly fantastic event. It’s educational, it features interesting speakers and – perhaps most importantly – it offers tremendous networking opportunities. Ultimately, the people and organizations Comer Industries wants to partner with, they’re at AEM events like the Annual Conference.

AEM: Why does the company feel it’s important to be a member of AEM?

Perry: The No. 1 reason Comer Industries is an AEM member is the networking opportunities it provides. Having access to OEMs – they comprise 85 to 90 percent of our company’s overall business – who are members of AEM is incredibly valuable. The second reason is the political action work being done by the Association, as the company appreciates AEM’s willingness to work to ensure industry objectives are being met by politicians in Washington, DC.

AEM: What efforts to support manufacturing, ag and construction is Comer Industries most proud of, and how does it contribute to the betterment of others? 

Perry: Electrification is becoming an incredibly prominent trend in the industry today. Comer Industries works with motor suppliers and sources of other electronic equipment to have smart machines and energy-efficient machines. Some of the company’s corporate strategies are centered around a product offering that’s tailor-fit for the innovation being seen in the market – integration of technology and electrification being two primary examples. We’ve tried to align our corporate product strategies to be hand-in-hand with OEMs as they take the next step toward higher levels of electrification and higher levels of integration of technology, as well as greater levels of innovation overall. So as the market turns the corner in terms of what the future of technology looks like as it relates to machines, Comer Industries wants to be a driving force and collaborate on the design of those machines.

AEM: What are some challenges Comer Industries faces today, and in what ways is AEM working on behalf of the company to address those challenges?

Perry: Infrastructure is a huge issue. Not enough is being done by federal and state governments to build the proper infrastructure. That’s why Comer Industries appreciates being part of an independent association like AEM that’s out there trying to keep the focus on infrastructure and addressing it in a timely fashion.

AEM: As a longtime member, what advice would you give to fellow AEM members about how to get the most out of their investment in the Association?

Perry: Participation carries with it a certain level of momentum. With that increased participation is an increase of momentum and an increased benefit for everyone in AEM. Whether they are longtime members or new members, they also need to “come to the table” in order to see the benefits. And taking part in some of the year-long activities is really the way to get the most out of an AEM membership.

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