AEM VolunteeringAre you ready to volunteer your time and talent to help AEM continue to build momentum for the equipment manufacturing industry?  

The association has plenty of opportunities for member company representatives to do just that and more. 

“If your company is a member of AEM, you are eligible to serve on a variety of committees and boards that guide and direct the activities of AEM’s professional staff,” said AEM President Dennis Slater. “Your input is important because you know the industry and understand what it takes to grow and succeed.”

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Leaders and specialists at all levels of AEM member companies are encouraged to volunteer to serve. The only requirement is a small amount of your time. If your company is a member of AEM, and you have skills and expertise to offer the association, take a moment to visit AEM’s volunteer sign-up page

“Volunteering gives you the chance to interact with your industry peers,” said Slater. “It’s a great opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from others while helping to move our industry forward.”

2019 has been a year to remember -- and celebrate -- for AEM.

The association is commemorating its 125th anniversary this year, and AEM board members and staff have been hard at work advancing the equipment manufacturing industry's key priorities and supporting the needs of the association's members.

“At AEM, we are committed to our mission of providing the association’s members with quality service, expertise and support to promote our industry,” said Slater. “Through our advocacy work, exhibitions, market intelligence, product groups, thought leadership, and more, we're helping our members win in the marketplace in 2019 and beyond.”

Working together, leadership volunteers from member companies have helped AEM:

  • Unify its voice in Washington D.C. through its many advocacy efforts and activities
  • Grow and evolve AEM statistics programs
  • Address workforce challenges plaguing the industry
  • Ensure the long-term future of AEM’s many trade shows
  • Influence and communicate worldwide standards, regulatory developments and compliance issues
  • Identify and explore new and emerging technologies and industry trends through its Thinking Forward member events and content

And while AEM's accomplishments have been both numerous and significant, there's more work to be done.

Do you have knowledge and experience to share? Want to help create programs and develop initiatives that support the future of the industry? Looking to voice your thoughts on issues affecting your company and others?

All that’s required is a small amount of time to make a big difference for AEM, its members and equipment manufacturers everywhere.

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