One of the industry's greatest challenges today is inspiring young people to consider working toward a career in equipment manufacturing.

However, a new initiative developed by AEM aims to change that fact.

AEM hopes to increase the number of equipment-specific courses being taught in high schools today, in order to help increase awareness of and enthusiasm for the equipment manufacturing industry. Along with help from the Equipment Dealers Association (EDA), AEM is offering educators partial scholarships to be certified in equipment courses starting this summer. The courses will be offered through the Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education (CASE), and teachers will be able to begin teaching this coming fall. 

“AEM and EDA and the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA) will inform equipment manufacturers and dealers if a teacher in their area applies for the $2,000 scholarship, which would cover about half of total costs for certification,” said AEM Senior Director of Agriculture Services Anita Sennett. “To help build your local workforce and grow your presence in your community, you may want to make an effort to connect with that teacher.”

According to Sennett, companies should consider taking the following steps to foster a relationship with a teacher:

  • Reach out to that teacher and invite him or her to the facility, so that person has a better understanding and enthusiasm for the course content.
  • Invite the teacher to bring his or her class to visit the facility once that person is teaching the course in fall of 2018.
  • Offer to address the students in their classroom, talking about all the opportunities that exist in our industry and in the company.
  • Offer a scholarship match or additional amount to get the teacher certified and solidify that relationship.

The CASE curriculum launched in 2015, and so far more than 1,500 teachers have been certified to teach its classes. However, about 90 of them are certified in equipment-specific courses. AEM and EDA hope to increase that number. 

“If just 40 teachers reach 25 students each, we will have touched 1,000 additional kids in one short year,” said Sennett.

For more information about the scholarship initiative, contact AEM Senior Director of Agriculture Services Anita Sennett (, tel: 414-298-4174).