Last week, AEM hosted its fourth in a series of eight Thinking Forward events for 2018 at Autodesk in San Francisco.

About 20 members came out to learn how artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things is reshaping our industries. The day featured presentations from Bryce Heventhal of Autodesk and David Knight of Terbine, as well as a breakout session to learn more about AEM programs and services. The event concluded with a tour of the Autodesk Pier 9 Technology Center, a workshop and residency program that hosts startups, academic researchers, commercial and industry teams and Autodesk research groups all reimagining the future of manufacturing.

Watch the video below to learn more:

Generative Design

Beyond the constraints of the human imagination, there are thousands of viable design options waiting to be unleashed. Enter generative design. Working alongside artificial intelligence technology, engineers can explore more designs earlier, helping to speed up the product development process. 

Bryce Heventhal, technical marketing manager at Autodesk, told attendees at AEM's recent Thinking Forward event in San Francisco that parameters such as cost, materials, manufacturing methods, strength and weight can all be inputed into the software to explore all viable solutions.  

While generative design isn't an answer for every use case, it will play an increasingly important role in the way products are conceptualized, designed and manufacturered. 

Internet of Things 

Technology is not only changing the way we innovate products, its also changing the entire ecosystem in which businesses operate. Data is becoming more abundant as more devices become connected. The question often remains, what should we do with all this data?

David Knight, founder and CEO at Terbine, explained that vast amounts of machine-generated data currently exists in silos invisible to the outside. The key to unlocking the value to all of this data will be determining how it can be shared internally and externally, as well as how it will be monetized, regulated and licenced.

Disruptive technologies are among the key topics discussed at AEM's series of Thinking Forward events.

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