By Paul Malek, AEM Membership Director

Has your company renewed its AEM membership for 2018?

If not, it isn’t too late for your organization to reaffirm its commitment to partnering with AEM to advance the interests of the equipment industry through involvement and participation in a variety of association services and activities. And, as the year gets under way, there’s no better time than now for your company to consider how best to maximize the return on its investment in an AEM membership.

But being an AEM member means more than just participating in a statistics program or enjoying a member discount for exhibiting at an AEM trade show like CONEXPO-CON/AGGICUEE, The Demo Expo or World of Asphalt. It means your company has decided to actively invest in the equipment industry, the markets it serves, as well as in its own organization growth and development.

Consider for a moment all of the investments your company has made over the years. Whether they were in tools, equipment, materials, employees, or even other companies in the form of acquisitions, wasn’t the goal always to get the most out of those investments? It’s no different with your company’s AEM membership.

AEM works diligently to not only be a resource for you, our members, but also to represent your organization's interests and those of the agriculture and construction industries. There is no shortage of ways in which AEM seeks to accomplish the strategic priorities and organizational goals of its members: advocacy efforts, networking opportunities, trade shows, statistics and market intelligence, and much more. However, these programs and services rely on an engaged membership to help maximize their value and impact. 

So think about all the ways in which your organization can partner with AEM in 2018. Chances are there are leaders within your company who are ready to take the next step in their professional development and become leaders within the industry through their involvement with AEM. This year, just like any other, will bring both opportunities and challenges for equipment manufacturers, and addressing them requires AEM and its member companies to come together and share one voice on behalf of the industry. 

If your company hasn’t renewed its AEM membership just yet, please do so. If it has, first and foremost, thank you. However, it’s important to remember an AEM membership will only take your organization as far as the benefits it enjoys from the wealth of programs and services the association provides.

Now is the time to look at all the benefits AEM offers beyond the one or two reasons why your company joined. And by keeping its AEM membership front-of-mind, your organization can reap the rewards of being active and engaged, not the least of which is the greatest possible return on its investment in – and involvement with – association efforts and priorities. 

For answers to questions about how to get the most of your membership, the membership renewal process or using the ADU system, contact me at, tel: 414-298-4153.

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