I Make America Highlights the Heroes of Our Industry During Military Appreciation Month



Each May, America celebrates Military Appreciation Month -- a time to reflect on and honor the sacrifice that troops and veterans have made in the name of freedom. This past month I Make America, AEM’s grassroots campaign, celebrated a few of the many brave men and women of the equipment manufacturing industry who have served, or are currently serving in our nations armed forces.  

AEM believes it is critical to support those who have put everything on the line for freedom, and association members have shown an ongoing commitment to doing just that. The equipment manufacturing industry has long partnered with post-service employment programs to help veterans transition back to civilian life. Veterans are a fantastic talent pool to connect with and can be a component in solving the manufacturing industry’s ongoing labor shortage, while aiding those who are seeking employment after service.  

There are several ways that employers can get connected to assist veterans through employment 

The Heroes MAKE America program, created by the Manufacturing Institute, facilitates introductions and supports a community of veterans to ease the transition from active duty to a career in the manufacturing industry. Their Department of Defense-approved SkillBridge training program provides multiple courses, including:  

  • Certified Production Technician (CPT)  

  • OSHA 10  

  • Forklift Operation  

  • Mechatronics 

  • Certified Logistics Technician (CLT)  

In addition, connecting with the Department of Defense’s SkillBridge program can be a valuable tool for employers and employees alike. Program benefits include:  

  • Allowing industry partners to access and leverage the world’s most highly trained and motivated workforce at no cost  

  • Helping recent veterans access training programs and employment opportunities  

  • Service members participating in SkillBridge receive their military compensation and benefits. In addition,industry partnersprovide training and work experience.   

Participants in these programs, and many other similar initiatives, earn the industry-specific skills, certifications, and connections necessary to establish a fulfilling career in manufacturing.  

AEM would like to extend its appreciation to the following companies and employees for participating in this month-long I Make America effort: 


  • Chris Hauser, Army National Guard 

  • Natalie Hauser, Civil Air Patrol 

  • Allison Nieskes, U.S. Marines 

  • Edgardo Lopez, U.S. Army


  • Dave Martin, U.S. Navy 

  • David Zuehlke, U.S. Army 

  • Scott Carey, U.S. Marine Corps 

  • Yvette Thompson, U.S. Marine Corps 

Eagle Crusher Company   

  • Andrew Teynor, U.S. Army  

  • Mick Fraser, U.S. Air Force 

  • Pat Meara, U.S. Navy 

  • Scott Gates, U.S. Army 

Felling Trailers 

  • Cody Howard, U.S. Marines 

  • Gene Mohs, U.S. Army 

  • Greg Martino, U.S. Army 

  • Garrison Wallace, U.S. Army 

  • Jason Kiley, U.S. Army 

  • John L. Hinnenkamp, U.S. Army 

  • Mike Doebler, U.S. Navy 

  • Paul Lindstrom, U.S. Army 

HD Hyundai Construction Equipment  

  • Brad Davidson, U.S. Navy  

  • Dave Reeves, U.S. Army  

  • Davis Spooner, U.S. Army 

  • Mike Ross, U.S. Army 

  • Raimar Rivera, U.S. Coast Guard 

  • Shaun Galligan, U.S. Army 

  • Stephen Adamczyk, U.S. Marines

JADCO Manufacturing  

  • Ramzi Torbey, U.S. Army 

  • Riley Myers, U.S. Army  

Kondex Corporation 

  • John Clark, U.S. Army  

Kuhn North America 

  • Dan Piecuch, U.S. Air Force 


  • Billy Lindamood, U.S. Air Force 

  • Donna Jones, U.S Navy 

  • Dustin Stamey, U.S. Air Force 

Palfinger North America  

  • Bobby Campbell, U.S. Navy 

  • Jesse Mitchell, U.S. Navy  

  • Jim Bates, U.S. Army 

  • Michael Kanter, U.S. Air Force 


  • David Riggs, Texas National Guard 

  • James Beck, U.S. Army  

Summit Truck Equipment 

  • Chris Walter, U.S. Marines 

  • Dustin Hansen, U.S. Army 

  • Garret Dilley, U.S. Air Force 

  • Jacob Benitz, U.S. Army 

  • Jacquelyn Waller, U.S. Air Force 

  • Jeremy Dunn, U.S. Army & Navy Rescue 

  • Joe Hasker, U.S. Army  

  • Justin Malotte, U.S. Marines 

  • Leonard Bagley, U.S. Navy 

  • Rodney Davis, U.S. Army 

  • Terry Wilson, U.S. Army 

Vermeer Corporation 

  • Amber Ragen, Iowa National Guard 

  • George Toubekis, Iowa National Guard 

Watson Drill Rigs 

  • Curtis Humphries, U.S. National Guard 

  • Matt Safranek, U.S. Army 

  • Mike Hauge, U.S. Army 

  • Miles Chaote, U.S. Marines 

  • Robert Young, U.S. Navy 

  • Ron Oliver, U.S. Army  

  • Shaun Neal, U.S. Army 

  • Steve Mobley, U.S. Marines

For more information about diversifying organizational talent pools to include veterans and other communities, reach out to AEM’s Julie Davis at jdavis@aem.org

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For more AEM news and updates, subscribe to the AEM Industry Advisor.

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