Top BlogsAEM aims to give voice to a wide range of industry perspectives, observations and opinions in blogs featured in the AEM Industry Advisor newsletter. Whether the blog tackles an issue of significance poised to impact manufacturers, or it contains a unique viewpoint on a lighter industry topic, it seeks to both inform and interest the Advisor's valued readership.

So as the year comes to a close, let's look back at some of the Advisor's most-read blogs of 2019:

How to Motivate the Millennial Workforce in Manufacturing In this piece, Strategy House co-founder Bridgette Palm outlines the argument that in order to better understand the ways in which an organization can speak to the millennial generation, it must first start by understanding the motivations of people in that age group.

How are You Measuring Your Trade Show Exhibit Performance? As a trade show expert who has attended more than 450 exhibitions and events over the course of her 25-plus years in the industry, Candy Adams says the vast majority of exhibiting companies don't have concrete metrics in place to measure show performance. That doesn't have to be the case, she argues in this piece. 

IoT, Edge, AI, 5G and Cloud Computing Have Arrived: Why Should You Care? In this piece, former Oracle on Demand President Dr. Timothy Chou says people within the equipment manufacturing industry should care about these technologies not only because they are "cool" and "cutting edge," but because they allow for increased revenue and the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

Closing the Skills Gap: How Starting Small Can Make a Big Impact Any successful effort starts small. It doesn’t start with a nationwide campaign or a company-wide program, it starts with one person, one person making an impact and changing a narrative, says AEM Director of Construction Sara Feuling in this piece. The current skills gap and workforce shortages in the skilled trades are no different. People to be role models for the next generation of industry professionals – to share their personal stories, to share their individual successes, and to share their excitement for the equipment manufacturing industry and the markets it serves.

3 Marketing Tactics Every Exhibitor Should Use to Maximize Trade Show ROI Organizational success on the trade show floor often hinges on the ability to maximize visibility through effective marketing, says AEM Director of Marketing Steve Suhm in this piece. By developing – and more importantly, executing – marketing tactics specific to their respective organizations, trade show exhibitors can both drive a significant increase in onsite sales and optimize their return on investment (ROI) in exhibitions.

4 Major Problems With Typical Trade Show Attractions Whether it's technology, catering, SWAG, models, or something else altogether, attractions at trade shows can make all the difference between your company seeing a good return on its investment in an exhibition... or a great one. Unfortunately, says trade show strategy guru Robyn Davis in this piece, many event professionals fail to make well-conceived and impactful decisions when it comes to attracting a crowd, thus hurting their brand  – and trade show performance – more than helping it.

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