Top BlogsAEM aims to provide its member companies with a wide range of industry perspectives, observations and opinions featured in the AEM Industry Advisor. Whether a blog talks about new standards and regulations, or trends in the industry, it seeks to inform and catch the interest of the Advisor’s valued readership. As this year comes to a close, let’s look at some of the most-read blogs on the Advisor for 2021...

How COVID-19 is Changing How Companies Communicate -- by former AEM Director of Public Affairs David Ward

Fast, reliable and open communication internally with employees, as well as externally with their various stakeholders, is critical, according Ward. Whether it's internal communications, alleviating employee fears, using technology to assist company communications, or doubling down on advocacy activities, the pace of change as it relates to communication is accelerating in a world that's still grappling with the impacts of COVID-19. 

Regulations Vs. Standards: Clearing Up the Confusion -- by AEM Senior Director of Safety and Product Leadership Mike Pankonin

There is often confusion on the part of both those inside and outside the industry regarding the difference between voluntary industry standards and government regulations, according to Pankonin. This piece describes both in detail and highlights key considerations to help distinguish between the two. 

Construction Aggregates 101: What They Are (and Why They Matter) -- by AEM Senior Director of Construction Sara Feuling

Aggregates are often overlooked when we talk about the construction industry, according to Feuling. They are not appealing. They are not glamorous. They are just rocks, after all. That said, aggregates are – quite literally – the building blocks of our society.

5 Emerging Technologies Driving Improvements in Animal Welfare and Safety -- by AEM Agricultural Services Manager Austin Gellings

Manufacturers are making strides in terms of technologies that are being employed in an effort to increase safety in animal agriculture, according to Gellings. One example is remote monitoring technologies that give farmers more insight into the health and well-being of an animal. Automatic cleaning systems, herd management systems, and automated dairy installations are also newer and emerging technologies capable of helping farmers take care of their animals more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Autonomous Equipment: Examining the Path Toward a Driverless Tomorrow -- by AEM Director of Product Stewardship Jeff Jurgens

Autonomous vehicles are poised to have a tremendous impact on the future of off-highway vehicles, according to Jurgens. Although the equipment sectors that AEM represents have historically been hesitant to adopt innovative technologies, they are set for a significant amount of change, as autonomous vehicles dramatically alter the nature of the work.

Target This Overlooked Talent Pool to Help Meet Workforce Demands -- by AEM Senior Director of Workforce Development Julie Davis

There are quite a few overlooked pools of talent that manufacturers could be tapping into to address their worker shortages, according to Davis. One of these populations, and the main one that is talked about in this particular blog, is the population that has some sort of criminal record. It states that more employers should be on the lookout for these populations to address their worker shortages.

Making the Case for a New Approach to Diversity and Inclusion Efforts in Manufacturing -by AEM Senior Director of Workforce Development Julie Davis

The manufacturing industry is lagging when it comes to capitalizing on the advantages of cultivating a diverse workforce. As the industry continues to face difficulties filling existing job openings, it’s becoming increasingly important for organizations to target a workplace that fosters diversity and inclusion, wrote Davis.

How Social Media and Content Marketing Can Play a Pivotal Role in Recruitment -- by Thomas Armitage of Site Seeker

The manufacturing industry has had problems retaining their workforce and drawing new workers into the industry. According to Armitage, social media and content marketing can be used in a lot of different capacities such as helping organizations retain employees and recruit them, as well as advertise and positively impact company reputation.

3 Strategies to Master Your Manufacturing Aftermarket Services -- by Christa Bemis of AEM service member company Documoto

Manufacturers can grow their business by providing (and thinking more strategically about) aftermarket services, wrote Bemis. This can bring in a lot of revenue, and a lot of companies only focus on selling equipment and not on the services that they can provide after the sale.

The Utility Expo 2021: Bigger (and Better) Than Ever Before -- by Utility Show Director John Rozum

Just prior to The Utility Expo 2021 getting underway, Rozum detailed the excitement and enthusiasm that was starting to build within the industry, as well as everything to look forward to at the Louisville-based show. 

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