By Mike Schmidt, AEM Industry Advisor Editor

Exhibit SpaceDesigning a 10x10 booth so it stands out among the rest of the exhibiting spaces on a crowded trade show floor doesn’t have to require a significant investment of time, effort or resources.

Most small show booths have a similar look and setup. There’s usually a backdrop and a table adorned with marketing collateral on display. And after attendees spend a long day or two traveling from booth to booth, it isn’t always easy for them to recall one exhibitor from another. So if an exhibiting company desires to distinguish itself from its competition on the show floor, a little bit of 10x10 booth design strategy and creativity can go a long way.

“It’s a small space, but it’s such a good size to reimagine and implement change,” said Victor Torregroza, event program manager for Intel Corporation. “Even a small amount of reimagining can have a big business impact."

Develop a Strategy

Advancements in technology make it easier than ever before for show for prospective customers to find and gather information about a company, its products and its services. However, when making purchasing decisions, many still find there’s value in meeting face to face with company representatives. Trade shows offer an exhibitor the perfect opportunity to make personal connections with potential buyers, and organizations best able to utilize their 10x10 booth space to make those connections memorable ones stand to gain the most from the investments in exhibitions.

“It can potentially be a huge impact because shows with 10x10s are small and intimate,” said Torregroza. “If you do something different, you’ll generate a buzz with attendees on the floor.”

No reimagining of a 10x10 trade show booth space can truly commence without first defining exhibition objectives and strategies. Before a company takes any action, it must ask and answer a few key questions, including:

  • What is the target audience?
  • What can be learned from last year’s show?
  • What can be learned from feedback providing by past show attendees?
  • What are the goals for this year’s show?

The answers to those questions should assist an exhibitor in the development of objectives and strategies specifically tailored to its own brand. In turn, a company’s brand identity provides the framework for making informed decisions related to building the perfect 10x10 trade show space.

“Define where you are going and build a really compelling presence that’s going to help your brand or your company stand out, and to allow your target audience to reach you,” explained Torregroza.

Break With Tradition

People are creatures of habit. They tend to do the same things over and over, both in their personal and professional lives. It’s no different with trade shows, so often it's easy for company representatives to talk themselves into using the same backdrop, table, signage, collateral and booth amenities at every event.

“Consider making a little different the habit of the fabric backdrop and the branded tabletop,” he continued. “By doing that, companies will begin to reimagine that space and redesign it for a better representation for their brand and a better experience for the show’s visitors.”

Set Measurable Goals

In order for a company to accurately determine how successful it was in its efforts to reimagine its 10x10 booth space, it must set goals and measure results accordingly.

Why are you there and what’s your business purpose?” asked Torregroza.

“Set up some metrics, some measurable goals to measure your strategic participation,” he added.

An exhibiting company willing and able to set measurable goals and execute strategies to achieve them can experience a wealth of benefits. Whether it’s standing out among fellow exhibitors, changing attendees’ perceptions of the brand, or increasing purchasing intent, a company can positively impact its bottom line by simply reimagining the 10x10 booth space.

“Who wouldn’t want that?” asked Torregroza.

“With some simple event strategy, with a modest investment in budget, with some communication and collaboration, you can reimagine that space,” said Torregroza. “It’s still portable, it still represents your brand, and it’s cool.”

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