Joint BoardsAEM held a joint meeting of the AEM Board of Directors and the Ag and CE Sector Boards on Wednesday, Oct. 14 to discuss topics important to our industry and provide updates on AEM developments.

“During this difficult year, we’ve made a concerted effort to communicate more frequently with our volunteer leaders and ensure they receive important updates and information related to AEM priorities and initiatives,” said AEM President Dennis Slater.  “We thank our board members for their flexibility and input as we work to provide the services and activities that will bring value to both our members and the industry.”

During the meeting, AEM Chief Financial Officer Renee Peters provided a review of AEM financials and outlook for 2021. In addition, the following topics were discussed:

Advocacy – AEM Senior Vice President of Government & Industry Relations Kip Eideberg provided an update on the association’s Equipped to Vote campaign. The first-of-its-kind national get-out-the-vote campaign was launched to engage, educate, and mobilize manufacturing voters on the policies that matter to the equipment manufacturing industry, encourage greater civic engagement, and help elect pro-manufacturing candidates. He reviewed goals and results to date, highlighted challenges, and discussed ways that member companies can get involved in the campaign. Leif Magnusson with CLAAS provided an example of how the company has deployed the campaign and integrated it into a visit by Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts to mark the launch of Manufacturing Month. Finally, Eideberg provided an update on upcoming AEMPAC events, including two virtual auctions and the “Coffee and Commentary” event held in conjunction with the AEM Annual Conference on Nov. 18.

AEM Events/MeetingsSenior Vice President Technology, Content/Education and Revenue Creation Al Cervero highlighted the AEM Annual Conference and encouraged board members to register for the digital event taking place Nov. 17 – 20. The event will feature a digital platform that will focus on networking and table talks with peers. Cervero shared the robust list of speakers and featured the Ag and CE Distribution Round Table discussions that will be part of the conference agenda. He also thanked the many members who have sponsored the event.

AEM’s Senior Vice President of Agriculture & Forestry Curt Blades updated the boards on the recent Product Safety and Compliance and Product Liability Seminars that was held virtually Aug. 24-27. The seminar featured 35 breakout sessions, multiple speakers, Q&A sessions, and polls. The highly engaged audience was represented by more than 75 companies.

Exhibitions Strategy – Senior Vice President of Exhibitions & Marketing Nicole Hallada presented an introduction into the work the Exhibitions Task Force has been doing in support of the exhibitions strategic planning process. The Exhibitions Task Force is chaired by Jason Andringa with Vermeer and is comprised of member representatives and AEM staff who are working to identify a 10-year strategic vision for delivering first-class exhibitions.

The next scheduled meeting of the AEM and Sector Boards will be held Nov.18-19 in conjunction with the Annual Conference, which will be held virtually.

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