When ag equipment manufacturers had a problem with the compatibility of camera systems and in-cab displays, they turned to the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) for help.

AEM provides the staff secretary for AEF.

AEF set up a Camera Systems project team, and that team has now solved the problem and created a proposed standard for an analog interface.

Numerous experts from international manufacturers of tractors, implements, camera systems and plug contacts all contributed to the project team’s work. The project team is now undertaking a second phase to develop a solution for digital systems.

The international guideline prepared by the Camera Systems team has already been implemented by several agricultural machinery manufacturers. As a result, end-users can now connect camera systems with ISOBUS universal terminals or other displays regardless of the supplier or brand, giving them greater flexibility during the machinery selection process.

AEF said the new guideline also means more camera systems can be used on agricultural equipment, which in turn improves safety for personnel working on and around tractors and implements.

For more information on AEF, contact AEM Technical Director Mark Benishek (mbenishek@aem.org, tel: 414-298-4118).